I see mediation as the next step in our collective evolution of conflict response. As our population increases, and our resources become more scarce, we simply will not be able to afford multi-trillion dollar budgets for armed conflict. Alternative dispute resolution methods are cost effective, easily implementable, and long-term solutions, which over time lessen the possibility of future conflicts.

Educating for deliberate conflict response, from personal to global, is our next great challenge. This is our elephant in the room; everyone experiences conflict, yet at no point in our lives do we learn to prepare for it. As individuals we do not learn the tools of active listening, de-escalation, mediation or restorative justice. This is the work that can change our country, our lives, and our planet.


When choosing me as your mediator, please consider the following: I have an extensive range of mediation skills and tools to fit every dynamic, gleaned from training with some of the world’s best mediators and negotiators. I have nearly triple the training hour requirements for the California court system, and a very broad range of cultural competency. I grew up in a culturally mixed environment, in one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. I have lived and traveled in Asia, South America, the Caribbean, Western and Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. My dynamic and flexible mediation skills in combination with my broad cultural fluency allow me to confidently craft a mediation process unique to your needs.